Look Where You're Going, But Also Understand Where You're Going

Possibly the biggest thing I remember from driver's ed was when the instructor said, "The car is going to go where you're eyes are looking." It didn't make sense until I drove the school's Toyota Corollas, which proved the theory quite well.

The rule applies to other forms of transportation, including paragliding. Raphael showed us this paragliding fail today. You just saw what was coming.


leicester knows what went wrong:

target fixation is a bitch.

Thanks to CleverUsername for giving us a heartbreaking example:

Tell me about it.

And Straightsix9904 for guessing the dialogue during the paragliding accident:

Don't hit the car, Don't hit the car, Don't hit the car........shit.


If you're in an empty field, trying to start paragliding and see some parked cars, don't look at them. Even if it's an Alfa Romeo 4C. It's tough, but do you really want to crash into the side of it?

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