Actually, mom probably shouldn’t look at this one. This dad went out for a motorcycle ride with his 6-year-old child and caught part of the trip on video, which sounds all well and good until he lets go of the handlebars so the kid can take control.

The son takes over the steering on a Harley-Davidson T-Sport bike, according to comments from the video’s publisher who claims to be the proud father. The upload is from more than a year ago, but recently resurfaced on Reddit:

The majority of the debate—on both Reddit and in the YouTube comments—centers around the novel experience for the child and the, uh... safety of what his dad allows him to do. The whole minute-long sequence of the kid steering brings with it an uncomfortable feeling of wondering when the dad will take over again, but he just leans back and enjoys the ride.


It could take a watch or two to notice anything other than a child manning a Harley on the road, but the his motorcycle attire consists of a T-shirt and shorts. At least he’s wearing a helmet, right?

This is certainly on the opposite side of the spectrum from the “aw”-inducing (yes, that type of “aw”) move we saw by a motorcyclist last month, when she parked her bike in the road to save a kitten in an intersection.

The father made support shirts and stickers, according to one of his comments on the video (wait, what are we supporting again?). I’d much rather have a shirt with a kitten on it, though.

But hey, this was last year. The child is probably nearing 8 years of age by now—that isn’t quite halfway to the legal age to get a license for this kind of thing, but he’s getting closer. I guess.


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