Good news from the National Corvette Museum this week–the ZR-1 Spyder and the 1.5 Millionth Corvette have been recovered from the sinkhole with only one more to come out after the sinkhole disaster. The nightmare is almost over.

The recovery effort has been quite the undertaking as it was nearly impossible to see where the remaining cars were buried. According to a post on the Corvette Museum's blog the construction team luckily "happened upon" the 1.5 Millionth Corvette while digging out the ZR-1 Spyder.

The very rare Spyder was brought out of the sinkhole this past Tuesday and the 1.5 Millionth followed suit on Wednesday, and both are on display in their current state with the other Corvettes awaiting their restoration. Unfortunately, these two are in worse shape than the PPG Pace Car that was recovered last month, though as with all of these sinkhole victims, they will someday drive again.

The only car left is the Mallet Hammer Z06, which seems to have been found yesterday if this post on the Corvette Museum's Facebook page hopefully proves to be true.



Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum