London's speed camera budget cut

Hundreds of thousands of motorists could avoid speeding fines in central London following cuts to the capital’s safety camera partnership.

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A related article quoted a London Assembly member as saying it would render London's roads like the Top Gear test track.

You mean, fun? Equipped with safety personnel? Open only to select individuals to test their mettle? Any of the above?

Lined with tires to contain the incompetent?

Hey, whatever it takes. Britons have a history of setting the damned Gatsos on fire, getting rid of them means no longer operating system that neither pays for itself nor can protect itself from vandalism. They're unwelcome, laughable, and ultimately unsuccessful.

What's that you say? Cops aren't cheap either? Well, no. But in days past London bobbies were the standard of the world, took absolutely no shit from anyone on the wrong side of the law, and were the soul of welcome and consideration to a person in need. Never saw a Gatso do that - they're more like Daleks - another unwelcome, laughable, and ultimately unsuccessful British construct.