London rioters rough up a Lamborghini

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Our call for London rioters to stop setting cars on fire accomplished at least one success — they didn't burn this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Nope, they just cheerily beat the hell out of it.


The Lamborghini was caught on camera sporting a temporary cardboard window in the city's Notting Hill neighborhood Tuesday.


Yes, at least it wasn't burned.

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Hoser Dave

This is how it went down.

RIOTER: You fight with the strength of many men, Sir Lamborghini.

I am Nigel, Rioter of the Britons.


I seek the finest and the bravest Rioters in the land to join me

in my Court of London.


You have proved yourself worthy; will you join me?


You make me sad. So be it. Come, Patsy.

LAMBORGHINI: None shall pass.


LAMBORGHINI: None shall pass.

RIOTER: I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Lamborghini, but I must

cross this bridge.

LAMBORGHINI: Then you shall die.

RIOTER: I command you as Rioter of the Britons to stand aside!

LAMBORGHINI: I move for no man.

RIOTER: So be it!


[parry thrust]

[RIOTER smashes the LAMBORGHINI's left window out]

RIOTER: Now stand aside, worthy adversary.

LAMBORGHINI: 'Tis but a scratch.

RIOTER: A scratch? Your window is out!

LAMBORGHINI: No, it isn't.

RIOTER: Well, what's that then?

LAMBORGHINI: I've had worse.

RIOTER: You liar!

LAMBORGHINI: Come on you pansy!