LOL Why Did You Think There Would Be An Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon

Back in October we caught wind that Alfa Romeo was going to sculpt the new Giulia into some sort of mystical Italian wagon. It was probably only destined for Europe, and now it apparently isn’t happening at all.

Instead, Alfa Romeo is going to pick up on the crossover path and try to follow the path Porsche has led, developing the new Stelvio to be just as sporty and capable as the Giulia Sportwagen would have managed, according to Car Magazine:

‘We decided not to do a Giulia Sportwagon,’ said Alfa manufacturing chief Alfredo Altavilla. ‘Do we really need it if the Stelvio SUV [below] drives that well? Maybe not. With our fine-tuning, the Stelvio can capture all the people who would otherwise have been interested in the SW.’


The good news is that America will be getting the Stelvio. So we lost a beautiful Alfa wagon, but in a sick twisted turn of events, we also gained it. Except not at all. Oh well. The regular Giulia will still be pretty special.

I can’t believe you actually thought Alfa Romeo, owned by FCA, would manage a Giulia wagon.

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