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Last year, one of every 200 registered 1999 Acura Integras was stolen, making the six-year-old street-racing favorite 2004's most stolen vehicle, according to CCC Information Services. Ranked second and third in the study of "total-loss" thefts, were the 2002 BMW M Roadster and the 1998 Acura Integra, respectively. We're guessing the Integra is the "perfect storm" of used cars, finding itself at a nexus of theft stimulants: large numbers of the aging Acuras still on the road, putting replacement parts at a premium, plus continued desirability among all used-car buyers, not to mention street racers — who covet the '99's high-reving 1.8 liter in-line four as if it were a Chevy big-block. We're surprised all of them aren't stolen. [Update: 1998 Integra Type R owner Gordon, writes, "a starter immobilizer became standard equipment in 2000, so thieves can drive away 1999 and earlier models without swapping ECUs." Damn, and we though it was just the '99's sparkling personality.]

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