Local Motors Starts Next Competition: The Texas Hunting Truck

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Since the design and fabrication of the Local Motors Rally Fighter is nearing completion, it's time for the next community-designed vehicle. Now Local Motors wants an off-road truck perfect for hunting and fishing the Texas back country.

Like the Rally Fighter, everything about the hunting truck will be crowd-sourced, including the name, which doesn't exist yet. Whatever it ends up being, the truck/buggy/ATV thing will be designed by artists and engineers all over the world using the power of the internet and its chief asset, the ability to hoover up people's free time.


This first round is more-or-less the concept stage, with basic specs laid out and prize money offered to whoever the community votes created the best concept. The competition starts today and submissions must be in by Tuesday, February 9, 2010 before midnight. If you want to browse through the concept and design requirements, and maybe work up a sketch of your own, head over to Local Motors and check it out. [Local Motors]

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There are some very cleverly designed hunting trucks out there. This one took my eye.