Sure, if you're used to warmer temperatures, you're going to be downright miserable if temperatures dip anywhere close to freezing outside. To everyone outside Daytona, we're just looking at this news report in awe and wonder. Last night was supposed to dip down to 28. Double digits!


Granted, I hate cold, and for me, "cold" is anything below 60. There's a reason why I don't live anywhere that's actually cold for long periods of time. It's great to visit, play in the snow, and leave.

Never fear, race fans huddling around campfires tonight. Temperatures are supposed to jump back up into the seventies by Saturday. You'll get your chance to post envy-inducing open sunroof and warm beach pics for all the schlubs stuck in places like New York this weekend after all.


In the meantime, let's all point and laugh at everyone who's having issues with temperatures under fifty. They're "beating Mother Nature!" The struggle is real!

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