Local Chevy Dealer Claims Electric Car Will 'Wring Every Last Mile Out Of A Drop Of Fuel'

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Chevy is already a few months into its gradual roll out of its new Chevy Bolt electric car, and the local dealerships are excited to get people scuttling about in them with an onslaught of ads—even if they don’t all quite understand exactly how an electric car works.


As Automotive News reported earlier this week, dealerships are pricing the new Bolt EV all over the place, some thousands of dollars under MSRP, while others are begging for a markup while it has no direct competitors.

Nonetheless, the local dealer ads are hitting the airwaves to try and get people interested in the new Chevy future machine, but not all of them seem to understand that electric cars do not require fuel. For example, this advertisement for the Bolt from Ourisman Chevrolet of Rockville, Maryland:

The ad makes the bold claim that the Chevy Bolt’s “precision tuned electric drive unit engine [...] will wring every last mile it can out of a drop of fuel”. The issue here is that a key characteristic of an “electric drive unit engine” like the Bolt’s is its lack of need for drops of fuel of any sort. It doesn’t even require regular oil changes, to many dealerships’ chagrin!

Let’s just hope that anybody on their way to Ourisman Chevrolet to pick this puppy up knows exactly what they’re getting into, and that the service department got the memo and has at least a rough idea of how to work on this fancy new fuel-less machine.

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This is why I hate and glad I got out of automotive sales. You have people running these dealerships that know jack shit about the cars they are pushing on people. All they care about is how much they can get you pay, nothing more. Shit like this is going to hurt GM in the long run

Some sales people use their stupidity as an advantage to try and win over the customer into getting a vehicle. I remember one of the sales guys I used to work with at Buick used to explain to customers that Quiet Tuning was something that GM had development in conjunction with the Government to get their cars as quiet and insulated as the Presidents limo. I cant make this shit up.