Liz Cohen's Lowrider Trabantcamino Project

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We were hipped to artist Liz Cohen's "Bodywork" project by Maximum Guy Overfelt a year-and-a-half ago or so, and while perusing Coop's Positive Ape Index today, we were reminded of her durned fool mission to take a Trabant and have it transform MASK-style into a lowrider El Camino. Cohen learned the fab skills she needed by hanging out with greasemonkeys, and while Overfelt mentioned that the Trabbi's shoddy East German construction made the task harder than it should be, we can't wait to see the finished project.


Liz Cohen: Bodywork [Play via Positive Ape Index]

The Art of the Trans-Am [Internal]

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BRDHNTR: Extraordinaire

@Ayrton Senna: Back from the dead. Good job F1 Jesus.