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We've all daydreamed about it at least a little. Thumbing our noses at the man, tossing out all our worldly possessions and hitting the open road for good, throwing caution to the wind. Then by accident you pick up an Auto Trader and flip to see page after page of dirt cheap Blue Bird school buses just waiting to enable that fantasy. Well Jake Von Slatt didn't quite go that far, but he has provided a very helpful step by step on how to convert your own bus into a rolling abode. With some ingenuity and help from a couple of friend, John transformed a decommissioned diesel pusher and built his own home away from home for about $5,200.


Recycling as much as he could, and using common materials, Jake seems to have created a pretty comfortable setup, heck, it may even be bigger than our apartment. Plus, if you don't like the view or the neighbors are yelling at their kids at 7am to "GET ON THAT POTTY", you can simply pick up and move again. We'll be bookmarking this one for that time when the lashings raining down on us from our Wertian overlord become too intense to bear. [Jake's School Bus]


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