Live the Dream Behind The Wheel Of A Delorean

With all of the myth that surrounds the Delorean DMC-12—from its ability to travel through time to its founder's questionable fundraising techniques—-it seems a little odd to see it advertised like any other car.


That is however exactly what we have here, a typical vintage advertisement featuring the less than typical 1981 Delorean and some seagulls. What better way to advertise your gullwing door equipped car than to show it with its less than majestic avian namesake?

While the Delorean may have been one of the most awaited automobiles in automotive history, once they arrived that buzz didn't exactly translate into staggering sales figures. Approximately 9000 Deloreans were built over two years before production was halted at the end of 1982—shortly after founder John Delorean was arrested on drug trafficking charges.


Ian R. Campbell

Most disappointing car ever. If you haven't driven one, don't. It will ruin any preconceived notions you may have about it. It's the automotive equivalent of Leonard Part 6. It was really awesome and cool when you were growing up as a kid in the 80's. Now that you're grown up and know what good is - it just doesn't hold up.