It’s not like you’re going to show up to your next VC begging session in your beater Civic. Audi thinks it can help with its new On Demand service that will deliver nearly any model in its line up to your front door, as long as you live in San Francisco.

Audi On Demand isn’t really a “car-sharing” service as a kind of long-term rental or micro-leasing scheme. You download the app, select a car based on your needs, and either pick it up from a pre-set location or have it dropped off by an Audi Concierge.


If you want an RS5 to blast down the coast, it’s $440 a day. An Allroad complete with ski-racks and a kiddie seat for a run to Tahoe? $165/day and up. An A8 L for a night at the Opera? It’s $425 and only comes in Phantom Black.

And yes, you can get an R8 for $1,195/day for the hard top or $1,285 for the Spyder. You can also rent it for up to 28 days, which would set you back just under $36k.


The service is in beta and only available to iPhone users 25 years or older, and of course there’s a litany of fine print. But you can sign up here and give it a shot.

Audi is also playing with another pseudo-car-sharing service called Audi at Home, which Automotive News describes as:

…a program to station Audis in luxury condominium buildings as an amenity for residents. Details of the program are being ironed out ahead of its anticipated launch this year. Scott Keogh, CEO of Audi of America, says the idea is for jet-setters with multiple homes to get the Audi experience without needing to keep an A7 parked at their pied-a-terre on South Beach.


Between the two, Audi obviously has its target demo locked down.

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