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You want it all, you got it all — all the Detroit Auto Show coverage you can stand! You can follow us as we make our way through the vast urban and suburban wasteland that is Metro Detroit via the tag page above. If you're wondering what you may have missed from Sunday's hot action — here's a quick list of some of the scoops:

- Chrysler's new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 went running with the bulls, leaving downtown Detroit smelling more like poop than ever before. Don't worry if you missed it — we got the video of the steer-humpin' madness.

- Speaking of dry humping, did anyone see Kim Catrall go after Dr. Z. at the unveil of the new Mercedes GLK like a gold digger to...err...Dr. Z?

- The new VW Passat CC showed off it's sexy curves...and so did the Mazda Furai concept. Coincidentally, both are top runners-up for DSOTY awards (Dragon Sex Of The Year) awards.

- Hyundai reveals the Genesis sedan. For real.

- Travis saw a car accident in front of Cobo. The only injury is reported to be the ego of the steer that may or may not have tried to hump it.

- Wes saw the Kia Borrego officially revealed, and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. That would be the reveal being the greatest thing since sliced bread, not the Borrego. We guess there's something to be said for flying meat. Nothing more 'merican than that if you ask us.

- Honda's planning to produce a small stand-alone hybrid in 2009 based on the CR-Z concept.

- The production version of the BMW X6 looks surprisingly similar to the concept version.

- The Honda Pilot concept was unveiled and yes, it does looks surprisingly similar to the Ford Explorer America concept. Coincidence? Yes, probably.

- Matt has an Amerigasm over the new 2009 Ford F-150 and then over Toby Keith.

- We saw Speed Racer's Mach 5 in person and without digital effects. Ben had a Racergasm — until he saw it in person. Then he was underwhelmed.

That's it for now folks — see y'all in the morning!


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