Live For Today, Unless You're The Big Three — Now With Video!

In case you missed our little rant last night, here's the recap:

The Today Show is either biased against the Big Three or can't do basic mathematics.


And since you may have missed the piece from the Today Show referenced by both us and Chrysler PR madman Jason Vines — we've, through the mystery of modern technology, snagged a copy for your viewing pleasure. It's more of an fyi than anything else — but we here at Jalopnik delight in bringing you the full multimedia experience. We're like the "Wall of Sound" — but online...and we're about cars...and we don't involve Phil Spector...and we didn't fuck up Let It Be...and...ok, it's nothing like that. Stop making fun of us, we're tired.

NBC's Hybrid Mania, Courtesy Chrysler [internal]

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