Little Red Riding Hood Jaywalks In Front Of Hippie Bus In Wonderful Infographic

Leave it to the Swedes to create something truly weird with a straight face. Joining the Koenigsegg CCR is this clip by animator Tomas Nilsson.


The video takes you through the most memorable day in the life of Little Red Riding Hood—Rödluvan in Swedish—and along the way, you learn all sorts of details. Like the air resistance experienced by a Volkswagen Type 2-61 Minibus at 43 MPH as measured by Volkswagen GmbH in 1955. Or the wildlife density of the Hundred Acre Wood, showing a surge in the rabbit population. Not to mention the nutrition facts of Grandma with a total caloric value of 10,000 kilocalories, indicating gross malnutrition.

And just consider: this piece was created for a school assignment. Production values sure have risen since the days of junky scissors and overapplied Elmer’s Glue, handed in on physical paper.

When these kids grow up, they will eat the world for lunch, not unlike how the wolf grabs Grandma as sashimi at 1 minute 57 seconds.

Hat tip to Nino Karotta.

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