Listen: You Have No Idea How Wonderful The Citroën SM Is

We say we like weird cars around here. But how weird are you really willing to live with? If you’re up for living in the strangest form of opulent Franco-Italian luxury there is, consider the Citroën SM. You have no idea how great this thing is.


But you may learn if you watch this video from two of my favorite folks in the car world, The Drive’s Alex Roy and The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah. In Matt’s latest One Take video, they go for a drive in Alex’s 1973 SM, a car I’ve driven too. (There’s not a ton of these just running around!)

The SM is basically what a Lexus would be if it were designed by interesting people. It is, as I’ve said before, the official car of those dancing blue aliens in Daft Punk’s “One More Time” video. Powered by a 3.0-liter Maserati V6, it rides on a hydropneumatic self-leveling and adjustable oil suspension, which gives it the smoothest damn ride quality you’re likely to find anywhere.

The combination of the sonorous Italian V6, the silky ride, the sliding lock manual gear shifter and the cigar-spaceship body make this one of the most memorable and unusual cars you’ll ever experience.

Coincidentally—and I might add sadly, because I’m fond of this one in particular—the SM you see in this video is for sale. It can be had on Bring A Trailer, and as of this writing the current bid is at $5,500 with seven days to go. All service records (there are probably a lot) since 2010 are included, and the motor was rebuilt in 2014.

Are you willing to give this machine a new home? You should. I know Alex has taken great care of it, and while its combination of French and Italian parts will likely make it fit only for the most attentive of owners, it’s worth it.

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“Powered by a 3.0-liter Maserati V6, it rides on a hydropneumatic self-leveling and adjustable oil suspension” - my wallet just committed suicide. Screw you Patrick, not gonna do it.