Listen To The Biggest Container Ship Ever Play The Star Wars Theme On Its Horn

The MSC Zoe is 1,297 feet long. It has an engine that’s 51 feet high. It can carry 398,544,000 pounds worth of stuff. Here it is playing the Star Wars theme on its horn.


It’s like a million tubas all bellowing at once.

Pulling in for its christening into the port of Hamburg, the ship was named after the granddaughter of the CEO of the company that owns the massive hunk of steel, because getting your granddaughter a container ship for Christmas is the Hot New Toy this year.


There is no word on whether or not Zoe, the child, has watched Star Wars yet, or whether or not she’s grown old enough to realize why they’re all crap movies. Even the originals.


Anyways, cool ship, Zoe.

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Lets get this SHO on the road

I really wanted them to do the Imperial March.