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Listen to Over 14 Glorious Minutes of Nothing But Turbocharger Noises

Gif: NM2255 Car HD Videos (YouTube)

Nearly everything has a turbocharger these days. Crossovers, SUVs, supercars, compacts, sedans. It’s the easiest way to boost efficiency and performance at the same time. While that’s a good thing, it also normalizes turbocharging somewhat. Here’s your reminder that turbos can, in fact, be extremely freaking awesome.


Phwheeeeouuuu! Fwoooshhhh! Hweeeeeee! Beeeeeeooooyuuuu!

Blow-off values, exhaust whistles, flutters and more. The turbos scream, shriek and shout. They are wonderful things, buzzing with life and shooting drift cars, rally cars, tractors and more across the face of the earth.


I’ve always been more of a supercharger fan myself, but I cannot deny that the sounds these turbos make are heroic. It’s like being catapulted straight into the ‘80s. Put the video on with some headphones in. You don’t even need to watch the whole thing. Just listen.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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