Lingenfelter's 800hp Corvette Z06

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Corvette Z06 owners looking for ways to spend the spread between their car's dealer-premium price and the sticker of, say, a Ferrari F430 or Porsche 911 Turbo need only call the boys at Lingenfelter. Give the venerable Corvette tuning house 8-12 weeks and $50,000, and they'll turn any Z06 into a twin-turbo, 800hp rocket sled. Of course, you could save the extra cash for the day the Trilateral Commission institutes its plan to enslave non-Europeans and sell the US to a consortium headed by the Rothschilds (c'mon, the pilots of Black Helicopters don't bribe themselves). But hey, you only live once.

Corvette C6 LS7 Z06 2006 [Lingenfelter]

Lingenfelter 402 C6 Corvette [internal]


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