Lincoln To Launch "Black Label" So You Can Indulge In Luxury

Sometimes luxury is not order to be truly luxurious, you gotta go beyond luxury. I believe real luxury drivers want to drive something that sounds like a type of scotch. This is why the Lincoln Motor Company is introducing their "Black Label" line.

According to Ward's Auto, Lincoln will roll out its Black Label package starting at select dealerships in California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Michigan. According to the automaker, The Black Label package is meant to convey warmth, richness and exceptional personal service.


The upgraded package cost $5,995 and will be available first on the MKZ sedan and MKC CUV. That price is in addition to top-level Reserve trim for those models, which ranges from $40,930 to $44,565 for MKC and from $40,455 to $43,575 for MKZ.

Black Label customers will have their choice among six exterior colors, six interior colors, five varieties of wood and Alcantara that are all apart of four Black Label design themes.

  • Indulgence – marked by Truffle-colored Venetian leather designed to communicate the allure of chocolate. Leather will feature a "Linking-L" perforation pattern with black stitching. Ziricote wood, harvested in South America and often used on yachts and classical instruments, trims out the instrument panel and doors.
  • Center Stage – inspired by theater arts and fashion, the jet black cabin is punctuated with Foxfire Red accent stitching on doors and seats. Venetian leather black seats feature "Diamond-L" perforation pattern. Lincoln recommends Onyx wood trim in MKZ and Black Stripe wood trim in MKC.
  • Modern Heritage – a classic black-and-white color scheme with subtle crimson accents and "Diamond-L" perforation pattern on Vianca white Venetian leather seats and center console. Black Argento wood trim sets off instrument panel and doors.
  • Oasis – to convey warmth and serenity of a spa in a harmonious interior. This 2-tone cabin employs natural, earthy hues with a dark instrument panel and cream-colored seats and center console. Matte-finish American Walnut Burl wood trim covers the instrument panel and doors.

In addition to upgraded trim and materials the package also includes annual vehicle detailing, anytime car washes, 4-year/50,000-mile (80,465-km) extended premium service maintenance coverage and access to a no-cost rental when covered maintenance is performed. But Black Label goes beyond just an expensive trim package it is also a membership experience that offers concierge services, fine dining, and weekend getaways.

Andrew Frick, Lincoln's group marketing manager, says luxury customers aren't simply car shopping but instead "want to be part of something a little bit bigger."


You see when we drive it's easy to feel like a small spec just rolling along in the universe. Only by indulging in luxury with the Lincoln Motor Company can you can connect to to something bigger.

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