MV Augusta is celebrating its entrance into the 2015 Supersport series with its latest superbike, the F4 Reparto Corse. It's lighter than its racing counterpart, packs 212 HP, and for the first time since announcing its partnership, comes swathed in AMG livery.

Compared to the former range-topping RR, the RC weighs over 30 pounds less thanks to a boatload of lightweight enhancements, from 333 titanium bolts to a racing crankshaft and carbon fiber fairings, adding up to a dry weight of 386 pounds.

That's a bit on the hefty side compared to current crop of superbness from Aprilia, BMW, and Ducati, but the revisions to the RC's engine make it the most powerful superbike you can get.

The four-cylinder makes 202 HP in stock trim, but each owner gets a care package, a race box that includes a 4-2-1-2 Termignoni titanium exhaust and ECU upgrade that boosts power to 212 HP. Along with that, there's a new seat cowl, race-style fuel cap, and mirror block-off plates.

The rest of the kit is what you'd expect in any top-of-the-line racer-turned-street-bike, with Öhlins supsension, Brembo brakes, the MVICS 2.0 electronics with traction control, rear-wheel lift control, ABS, and quick-shifter.

Obviously, MV is commanding a premium for the RC, with pricing set north of $40,000 and only 250 examples available worldwide.

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