Lily Allen Is Hell On Wheels

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British pop star Lily Allen owns a Ford Focus RS and apparently knows how to use it. She recently appeared on YouTube ripping a handbrake turn in a deserted parking lot. Why can't all foul-mouthed poplets be cackling stunt drivers?


Last week, someone caught Allen on a British high street with her lime-green Focus. Shortly after we shared's piece on surprising celebrity cars, this video appeared in the comments:

A reverse 180 without stopping? Not bad, right? As it turns out, there's more — the clips below were posted on the same day but appear to have been filmed shortly after the first. Warning: Allen isn't driving in these two, but she does scream. A lot.

The top video almost makes up for her being mildly irritating. The bottom two leave us on the fence. (Plus: general hoonage. Minus: that damn scream.) Still, Focus Focus Focus Focus Focus all day long. We live in the wrong country.


Jonathan Harper

And this surprises anyone?

Let's just hope she doesn't let hubby Russell get his hands on her RS.

I bet he'd be an animal on the road, just look at his hair.