Like we told you would happen this morning, Tesla has repaid its government loans. Your move every other automaker who took the money.


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Max Finkel

I thought I wanted to see GM, Ford and Chrysler show Tesla up and regain their places at the top of the American auto industry. I thought I wanted them to to show that America already has its car companies, that their legacies were set in stone. I even thought I wanted to see Tesla fail, just because Elon Musk is such a douchebag. I thought wrong.

There is room for Tesla in the American auto industry. And I should have known that. The place Tesla is taking is beginning to look like the place of other smaller manufacturers we know and love from American automotive history. Tesla is a company with character that builds cars which are unique and original. It has new engineering solutions for both old and new issues. The Model S is a beautiful, practical and competitive car.

I thought I wanted to see it fail to compete with cars from GM, Ford and Chrysler. I thought wrong. Good on Tesla for getting this done, and good on them for showing the Big Three off and proving that a new American manufacturer can join the ranks of a once-proud industry.