Lightning GT Strikes The UK In CGI Glory

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The Lightning Car Company has stunned us with their release of the UK's first electric sportscar, the Lightning GT. Top speed is promised to be over 130 MPH, which isn't all that impressive, but Lightning is claiming the electric powertrain will deliver 700+ HP from its wheel-mounted electric motors charged by your home electric plugs. Acceleration from 0-60 is estimated to be about 4.0 seconds. That's enough to give any Aston Martin a run for its money. Though there's no word on price, you can leave Lightning a $30,000 deposit if you're interested. It all sounds fantastic, but frankly we'd like to see one that isn't a CG rendering before we plunk down our wad of cash.

The Lightning car company is proud to release one of the UK's first electric sports cars for 2008.

Combining classic, British sports car design with racing car technology and state of the art NanoSafe™ battery power and Hi-Pa Drive™ electric motor innovation, the Lightning has been developed with exhilarating performance front of mind. Whilst its head-turning looks will appeal to the most discerning of drivers, unlike other sports cars, the Lightning is also easy on the conscience. With virtually no polluting emissions, this energy-efficient car uses clean technology and will have the ultimate green rating. Following production of several petrol Lightnings and with the electric prototype build now well underway, the electric Lightning GT is now available to pre-order.

Lightning GT - Standard Features

* Anti lock braking system
* Traction control
* Regenerative braking
* Electronic door entry
* Programmable external engine sound generator
* Central door locking
* Alarm and immobilizer
* Electric windows
* Acoustic information and entertainment system
* Part leather/alcantara sports seats
* Forged alloy wheels
* Tinted windows
* Home based charging system (EVCS) with integral safety features
* Hella focused beam halogen headlamps
* LED taillights, front, rear and side-mounted lights


* Available in Electric Lightning Blue, black and silver as standard (as shown)

Options & accessories

* Air conditioning
* Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system
* Satellite navigation system
* Non standard colour / metallic paint
* Full leather trim
* Mobile charging system
* Car cover


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Rob Emslie

There is no mention of range, but as it is a "Lucas" Electric Car it shouldn't be farther than you are willing to walk in the rain.