Lift Fail: Watch A $100,000 Mercedes G-Wagen Fall From The Sky

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It's hard to tell if this Mercedes G-Class was too heavy for the shop lift, or some goombah working the levers just didn't set the hydraulic device correctly. I don't even like the AMG G-Wagen and this service center fail is hard to watch.


Thankfully the G is built for war, so the running gear assuredly survived the drop. Those dents in the roofline are going to cut what's left of the resale value down to negative numbers though.


The original video's been deleted, I'm guessing whoever got ahold of the shop's security footage got in trouble and had to give it back. Luckily The Internet Never Forgets so we've found another version.

Hat tip to Carscoops!

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Cheers to the irremediably stupid person on the left of the car that ran up to it while it was so precariously perched.