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Life's Too Short Not To Make Sacrilegious Car Choices

A GTC4 Lusso in ‘Verde British’ from my dreams, Ferrari
A GTC4 Lusso in ‘Verde British’ from my dreams, Ferrari

I’m not sure how much money you have to make to care about perfect, numbers-matching parts and paint on your car, but it seems to be a lot and it seems to prove that money cannot buy you happiness because the people who care about these things always strike me as deeply unhappy.


True joy, for me, often comes from doing what you shouldn’t. And I love cars, so doing wrong things with cars is about as close to an ideal way to spend time as I can find.

There are a lot of ways to go about this, including inappropriate powertrain swaps, but I’ve always been partial to paint that doesn’t make any sense on a car.


In particular, the topshot for this post about the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso came from me because as soon as I saw I could get a damn British Racing Green Ferrari I had to jump at the chance. Ferrari calls it “Verde British,” which is Italian for “we can do whatever we want because we’re Ferrari.”

The fact that this is an AWD, Ferrari hatchback only makes the wrongness feel that much more right. I can’t think of another new Ferrari I’d rather have.

But why stop there?

Here’s a Mustang in “Guard Green,” which is also basically that dark hue that we all recognize as British Racing Green. (Yes, there’s precedent for green Mustangs, Bullitt in particular, but that’s not British Racing Green.)


I’m especially partial to the long-term tester, which they got in a green that feels pretty BRG to me:


If anything, the only new cars I don’t particularly care for the color on are new British sports cars.

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I find it very difficult to be a true jalop if you don’t occasionally buy a car that’s not ideal to the task you need it for. Or, better worded, you need to occasionally buy a car you want instead of exactly what you need.

Besides, if you’re a true jalop, you can find the joy in trying to get a small hatchback to carry lumber, or going off road in the mud with a Mustang, or picking people up from the airport in a 4o year old truck. Those times always make for the best stories too.