Life Too Normal? Try The Alfamino Project

The dude that owns this thing calls it the "Alfamino." Cool conversion, lame name. (We prefer "Giuliamino" — it doesn't match the sticker, but it doesn't sound quite as dorky.) eBay, your wonders never cease.

This beast is sitting on eBay with six days to go and twelve grand on the clock. It was converted from a sedan in 1986, and the seller has owned it since 2001. The last time it ran, it sported Bosch L-Jet fuel injection and air-conditioning. The block and head are from a 2.0-liter Spider; those wheels are supposedly Jongbloeds. The car is half-assembled and fresh from a bout of rust repair and a respray.


You want this. You do not want this. We know the feeling. Who in their right mind would cut up a Super? Who in their right mind wouldn't cut up a Super? You sit and you start thinking up excuses — anything to justify the weirdness. Maybe a tree fell on it. Maybe it was rear-ended. That back glass is pretty cool. If only it weren't twelve — twelve! — freaking grand. Maybe we just want a Colli instead.

Still, cool. La Giulia che vince indeed.

(If you're interested, additional pictures can be found here.)


(Hat tip to James!)


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