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Apparently, the accidental viral marketing that has branded porn stars, strippers and ghetto children of a certain age with the company's trademark just ain't enough for Toyota's luxury bland brand. And neither are pedestrian online marketing gags like blogs. Lexus is setting up social networking sites for other RX hybrid owners to stroke each others' green streaks like so many E'd up rave kids.

Which, come to think of it, many of 'em probably were fifteen years ago. We'd love to say that Lexus still doesn't get it because they've managed to truly convince us, but their virtues have plenty of people sold. And, y'know, according to Robin Pisz, the brand's national iinteratctive marketing manager, "With the convergence of technology to support these platforms, the bandwidth to carry content and the significant push to develop new content for these channels, online mediums have gone from niche to mainstream."


Excuse us while we violently expel effluvia from both ends.

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