Lexus LFA Roadster, GT 86 Drift It Out At Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon is like the Japanese version of SEMA, the auto aftermarket parts show, only it's a million times cooler. Exhibit A: This Lexus LFA Roadster and Toyota GT 86 go full Cool Ranch Dorifto in the exhibition area outside.

What's interesting about this video is the Lexus LFA Roadster isn't even supposed to go on sale until 2014, so either this is someone hooning the concept car or a person from — or well-connected to — Toyota with a pre-production model. Or maybe a custom chop? Insanity, whatever it is.


(Hat tip to @Fathi_Haziq!)

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I have a feeling, there are going to be a lot of drift posers driving around when Scion FR-S comes out soon.