Apparently, this video of a video shows a Lexus LFA kind of easing its way around the Nürburgring in 7:22 ahead of the ADAC 24-hour race this past weekend. That's just over a tenth of a second slower than a Corvette Z06. Not bad for a warmup lap.


The video, which features the hands-and-feetwork of Gazoo Racing's Akira Iida, was part of a display shown to N-ring 24 visitors. The LFA in question, like the one at the display, was fitted with the Nürburgring package, which includes 10 more horsepower than standard, quicker shift calibration and aero tweaks — a $75,000 option.

Apparently, this was just an exhibition lap to coincide with the endurance race — either that or the day's rain put the kibosh on their plans for a full-speed lap. Either way, it's a teaser for a full-speed run expected before the year's end. Anyone care to bet how many seconds they left on the table?

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