Lexus Has A Fix For Your Blacked Out Nav Screen But You Have To Go To A Dealer

Photo credit: Lexus via Newspress, Microsoft via every single day of my childhood
Photo credit: Lexus via Newspress, Microsoft via every single day of my childhood

Owners of 2014-2016 Lexus vehicles and 2016 Toyota Land Cruisers were experiencing a nationwide blackout on their nav systems yesterday. Fortunately, dealers have a fix in the form of a hard reset. Errant traffic and weather data that the head units didn’t know how to process was the cause of the issue.


The head units in these Lexus and Toyota vehicles rely on information sent by a data service provider for up-to-date weather and traffic information, per a company representative.


When data sent over an HD radio data channel came through with errors yesterday, the microcomputer within the vehicle navigation head unit could not handle it as expected, which sent some head units into a never-ending cycle of reboots.

The errant data has since been corrected, and Toyota is urging customers still experiencing lingering issues to take their cars in to the dealership for a hard reset that will clear any lingering faulty data from these navigation systems. That reset and a confirmation that the system is A-OK will be provided free of charge.

See your Lexus dealer to get your screen working again today!

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Visiting a dealer, for SW bug?

Thats why my next car will likely be Tesla Model 3, instead of Lexus or BMW.