Lexus Does Backseat Entertainment Systems, Gets It Right

I think it is safe to say that Lexus has taken backseat in-car entertainment systems and finally gotten it right with its ICE (in-car entertainment) system now available on the RX-range SUVs over the pond. Mounted on the back of each seat is a single slim tablet that includes a wide WVGA screen and integrated slot-loading DVD player. Also included in each tablet is RCA inputs as well as USB and an SD card slot. The excellence doesn't end there.

The screens can operate independently or they can operate simultaneously. So if the kiddos want to watch the same movie they can without needing an extra copy of the DVD and the same applies with video games or other devices that utilize the RCA inputs. The units also include infrared headphones. The option is a very hefty $4,300, unfortunately, but regardless, other manufacturers should take note. This is how you execute backseat in-car entertainment. It's all about making the family vehicle as much like a taxi cab or police car as possible—you must separate the front from the back. [Carpages]


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