Lexus displaying "performance" in Chicago, i.e. "another hybrid"

Illustration for article titled Lexus displaying performance in Chicago, i.e. another hybrid

When Lexus sends out a press release touting their display at the Chicago Auto Show as a show of "performance" cynicism dictates it shouldn't be believed. The cynics are right, because the centerpiece of the Lexus display is a CT 200h compact hybrid built by Five Axis.


Its performance credentials? Green paint, 19-inch wheels, an "EcoDesign interior" and custom black accents. There's also a Stoptech brake kit and TEIN coilover suspension, but those also seem to exist almost purely for the aesthetic benefit. Wake us when they drop the LFA V10 in something. [Toyota]

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VeeArrrSix now powered by FA20F

Nice GTI there eh? But seriously...

Underbody neon lighting eh Lexus? What's next... a hybrid Donk?