Lewis Hamilton's Michael Jackson-Themed F1 Helmet Is Surprisingly Great

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I give Lewis Hamilton a lot of flack. He's a damn good driver, but I've always found him to be a bit of a prima donna. But that doesn't stop me from loving his Michael Jackson helmet. Shamon now.


Drivers make special helmets for a few races every year, and for some reason Lewis decided that Austin, which has absolutely no connection to Michael Jackson or the Jackson family, was the place to pay tribute to the late King of Pop.


The helmet, that he unveiled on Twitter (Lewis is one of those people I follow just because his tweets mostly make me angry), ditches Lewis's traditional yellow for red, and has a 1980s era picture of the original Smooth Criminal on the top. Very cool.

As I normally expect Lewis to have something diamond encrusted and garish, this is a pleasant surprise. Shamon Lewis. Shamon.

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I find this quite fitting as both Jackson and Hamilton are quite adept at going backwards in spectacular fashion.