We know you can use an iPhone as a G-meter, but did you know you could use a Blackberry Storm to control an F1 car? Lewis Hamilton had his McLaren wired to try it.


The story goes that two apparently shower-averse guys from England somehow (some witchcraft called Bluetooth) connected their brand spankin' new Blackberry Storm to a model F1 car, then broke into their responsible older brother's office to set up a desktop test track to try it out on. The storm's motion sensors proved an excellent control system and the video went big on something called YouTube. Wow, viral marketing can be creative, can't it?

Seeing it, McLaren invited the pair down to a winter testing session in Spain where Lewis Hamilton has his F1 car equipped with Bluetooth, then takes it for a Blackberry controlled spin on the track.

In reality, Formula One teams have as much disdain for their fans as Chrysler does for its customers and, if they wanted a remote control, they'd have just stolen it from Ferrari created their own R/C setup. But hey, we're guessing the idea of viral marketing still sounds new and shiny in a British accent. [via TotalProSports]

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