Lewis Hamilton Does Los Angeles In A Techart Porsche

Illustration for article titled Lewis Hamilton Does Los Angeles In A Techart Porsche

Having been banned from driving in France, other than when he's winning at Monaco, F1 phenom Lewis Hamilton set his sights on Los Angeles, where the girls are pretty and the cars are fast. Or is it the other way around? Either way, Mr. Hamilton is apparently in town and driving around the city in a loaner Techart 997 hardtop. Since this is Los Angeles, we're a bit surprised it wasn't a Techart 997 Cabrio, but we're sure no one is complaining. The folks over at Autofiends are worried he'll get pulled over and, because he's not Junior, won't be recognized. Our advice? Just tell the cops you're Alfonso Ribeiro. [Autofiends]


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@Maxichamp: The Dude and I once saw Michael Schumacher having lunch with his family in Santa Fe. There was a long, drawn out conversation about approaching him verses not approaching him.

We left him alone, but we stared long, and we stared hard.

(Best part? Dude was wearing his slightly less blingy 2002 Ferrari hat. That made us both go into nerd swoons.)