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Leveling The Field? Not-So-Level Institute Releases "Domestic Content" Report — Ford, Chrysler Group, GM, Honda All Score Above 50%

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The Domestic-ated Level Field Institute released what they're calling a "Domestic Content" report, which appears to be based on:

"The report examines how much automakers spent on U.S. parts in recent years, as well as the average domestic content for the cars sold in the U.S. by each company (as defined by the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA)). From that, Level Field estimates how many jobs each automaker's domestic parts purchases support..."


So what'd they come up with? Some interesting numbers you can check out for yourself below the jump.

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This image was lost some time after publication.
Advertisement wait — buying a Hyundai isn't like buying American? Well — yeah, that was already obvious. But wow — go Honda, buying some mad American supplies — that's pretty respectful if you ask us. Maybe we'll have to check out the hose-down interior of the CR-V next time we go vehicle buying.

Level Field Institute Releases New Report Today That Shows $83 billion in Auto Parts Sales - and 232,000 U.S. Jobs - Could Depend on Differences in Domestic Auto Parts Content (PDF file) [Level Field Institute]

Toyota's As American As Apple Pie: So Sayeth the 'Today Show'; Ad Watch: Level Field Institute Drops Truthiness On Jobs Debate [internal]

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Velcrolv — the 3,000 people located across the street from DCX represent the entirety of VW's US contingent with the exception of a few extraneous PR pro's scattered about.

Also, DCX has 85,000 employees located across the street from VW's US HQ. There's also another few thousand in Farmington Hills, Chelsea, Sterling Heights and Troy. That's a few thousand at each location.