Letterized Model Names Cause New Fights Among Automakers

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Both Edmunds Inside Line and AutoWeek are running articles today on carmakers' scrapes over new, letter-heavy designations that have been replacing made-up words in their model lines. According to AW, BMW tried unsuccessfully to block Nissan from promoting its new M35 and M45 in Canada with a capital M and the Nissan logo. A court there blocked an injunction after BMW failed to produce evidence of harm, but a judge ruled the case would be heard later this year. Nissan has already settled with Audi over the use of the letter Q in its Q7. In other letter news, Honda is suing FoMoCo in a California federal court to stop Ford from tagging its Lincoln SUV "MKX," which Honda officials will cause confusion with its own MDX. In further news, "Sesame Street" just exploded.


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