Let's Start Thanksgiving With 1,031 Horsepower Worth Of American Muscle!

The Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 was the fastest and meanest muscle car money could buy in 2014, but there’s a new Mustang in town producing more power and way more noise. Motor Trend threw the V8s at each other to see who’s boss.

The current Camaro might be getting closer to the end of its shelf life, but what the Z/28 can do remains pretty hard to beat. It might be as large as a delivery van with roughly the same level of visibility all around, but its 7-liter LS7 produces way more torque than any flat-plane V8 Ford can come up with. It also has extremely wide and sticky Pirellis for maximum grip, while its monstrous brakes and precise steering shave further seconds off its lap times.

The new Mustang GT350R is smaller, lighter and gives you 1,200 more revolutions per minute to get to its peak output of 526hp. Its interior is lightyears ahead of the Camaro’s, the sound it makes should be illegal and a set of even wider Michelins plus a very well tuned suspension makes sure it can put down its power as well. But is that enough to beat that GM’s LS7-powered beast?

Just when you though cars like these might die out soon, America started to deliver.


Photo credit: Motor Trend

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