Let's Roll Out With One Last Virtual Off-Road Livestream

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For the last few Tuesdays, I’ve been beaming a little bit of the off-road sim SnowRunner from my Xbox to the world via Twitch. We’ve talked trucks, we’ve gotten stuck, we’ve had ourselves a little unofficial show. I’m going to do one more before taking a Twitch break, so let’s go on one last ride!

For those of you who have tuned in to previous episodes of Jalopnik’s unofficial Twitch show, thanks. For newcomers, the premise is pretty simple: I go through some off-road logistical situations in this game, narrate what’s happening, and talk about truck stuff while we work through it.

Ideally, people hit me up in Twitch’s chat provision and we can get some interactivity going on.

I originally started this as a holdover for those of us wanting to go out into the world and wheel, but now I think it’s time to step back and try something new soon.


But, I’m going to miss playing video games in the middle of the workday and it’s been fun interacting with folks on a new platform. I don’t think I’m off Twitch forever, but this will be our “last ride” over there for the time being.

Let’s wheel!

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Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out how to load the Lake Kovd map. Apparently while the content automatically loads, each 10MB DLC patch to activate it must be downloaded from the Microsoft Store individually.

I will say that Lake Kovd is absolute perfection, and got me playing again. THIS was specifically what I was expecting from SnowRunner. It isn’t simply about pulling the trigger and traveling WOT everywhere. No, you have to know when the feather the throttle to climb outcroppings of rock and ice. Along with knowing when to gear down for the appropriate terrain.

The collapsing ice sheets, and rocks hidden beneath the snow that can damage your rig if you hit them too fast are far more realistic. Crossing the frozen rivers/lake? You have to crawl and listen/feel for cracking ice that warns you of danger. Lest your ass get sucked down below the ice and stuck. Not to mention the trails in this case forced me to more often switch to the in-truck view to drive and see obstacles up close. Which made a better experience.

Plus I finally found that while the Azov 42-20 was a PITA to use in all other terrain, it was perfection here.

The attention to detail still amazes me. The effort that went into Taymyr with areas on the map that most players will never see, but were completed none the less is amazing. And then there is the aurora. I’d drive in the dark with the in-cab POV just to see them. Which make no mistake, the night skies in every map are just as gorgeous, but damn, I just wish we had better rotational cameras to take them in to appreciate all the artwork in the game. Also, “Frozen in Time” was one mission that seemed really emotional. Going back and seeing not just decrepit buildings, but the names of them as to what they were. And then the sad reaction dialog once the mission is complete.

As long as there are amazing DLC like this that is actually worth the money (versus other games), I’ll gladly pay.

If I ever had the chance to have a custom DLC, I’d love for there to be an intermountain region pack. Wrap together Zion Canyon, Dixie Forest, the sand dunes in Utah, as well as The Great Basin, Spanish Trail, & Black Rock Playa of Nevada. Streams, sharp rocks, blow sand dunes, crumbling trails, and Playa mud.

I want THIS to be a mission in SnowRunner: