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Let's Ramble Around Los Angeles At Midnight With Magnus Walker And A 911

Illustration for article titled Lets Ramble Around Los Angeles At Midnight With Magnus Walker And A 911

By day, Los Angeles is a traffic-choked nightmare for cars, a never-ending maze of bumper-to-bumper congestion. But at night, if you have a cool car, that’s the time to come out and play.


That’s what eGarage did in this great video. It follows the air-cooled Porsche tuner of our times, Magnus Walker, as he bombs around LA late at night in his iconic red, white and blue 911T. No words, no blaring electronic music, no distractions. Just a howling flat six and one of the world’s most iconic cities as a backdrop.

I did this exact same thing last year in LA. Only I wasn’t in a vintage 911, I was in a BMW 228i following ex-Autoweek scribe Blake Z. Rong in a Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe.


I tried my best to keep up as we blitzed around the many of the same locations in that video, including the 6th Street Bridge and the 2nd Street Tunnel. Odds are, you’ve seen a lot of these locations in TV and movies; they’re even cooler from the cockpit of a great car late at night.

I gotta get back there someday and do it in a Magnus Walker Porsche. Maybe he’ll be feeling generous that evening.

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LA? “one of the world’s most iconic cities”? I feel like most people who haven’t lived there couldn’t really pick its skyline out of a lineup of 4. That said cool video, thanks for the post.