Let's Hope The Next Ford Focus RS Looks This Badass

Because Ford's new CEO Mark Fields loves us and wants us to be happy in life, the new Ford Focus RS is coming to America. But we're still left with more questions that answers, for now.


Questions like what kind of engine will it have? How much power will said engine put out? And will that power go to all four wheels or just the front ones, like the previous RS models? Also, what will it look like?

Our friends at TopSpeed think they have an answer to that last one. Ahead of the car's likely debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week, they've cooked up a render of what appears to be the meanest-looking Ford Focus in history.

It's based on the camouflaged development mules that have been spotted on track lately, and I think it gives us a decent idea of where the design is headed. I love the boxed-out fender flares, the vents on the hood and the black wing in back. It means the business.


What do you want to see with the next Focus RS?

Photos credit TopSpeed

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