Let's Buy Schuey's LeMans Car! Mercedes/Sauber C11 Up for Auction

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Got at least $850,000 burnin' a hole in your pocket and hankerin' to purchase yourself a rolling piece of history from the fields of the Sarthe? We suppose you could do worse than makin' with some biddin' on this Merc-powered Sauber group C car driven by Michael Schumacher back in 1990. It's got four cams, coupla turbos, plenty o' fibers of carbon, a bulbous windshield and a nice, pretty three-pointed star emblem. Perfect for home, office, garden or legendary road course. Possibly cheaper than a Hemi 'Cuda, and faster, too! Less room for makeouts, though.


Historic, World Champion Sauber-Mercedes C-11 Racecar [Bid4Assets]

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