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Lethal Weapon Star Danny Glover Will Protest The Detroit Auto Show

Illustration for article titled emLethal Weapon/em Star Danny Glover Will Protest The Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show is often attended by a ton of famous celebrities, like the Jalopnik staff and some other, less important people. But at least one celebrity has come to Detroit to stage a protest outside the big show, and that's Danny Glover, the star of the Lethal Weapon movies.


Glover, a longtime political activist, is protesting because he thinks the new Corvette's front end is a rip off of the Viper's is critical of the way Nissan is treating some of its U.S. employees, reports the Detroit Free Press. The newspaper says Glover will arrive on Monday and protest at Cobo Hall along with a group called the Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan.


Why are they mad? They say Nissan is discouraging its Canton, Miss. plant employees from joining a union and denying them the chance to hold an election. The group is supported in its efforts by the UAW (surprise!) who have in recent years renewed efforts to unionize workers at Asian and European plants in the U.S.

According to the Free Press, Nissan denies that it has intimidated workers, and say their employees have expressed little interest in unionizing.

We'll see if Glover's protest makes any waves come Monday, but I have a feeling that the news media will be too caught up in reveals of hot new cars like the 2014 Nissan Versa Note to care. Before you post an angry comment, that was indeed sarcasm.


At least it's good to see Glover staying active in his advancing age. You'd think that at 66, he'd be too old for this shit. (I had to do it!)

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Victorious Secret



This isn't 1560s England. Worker rights for non union workers in NA don't suck.

Unless someone really wants to explain why UAW workers need to make what they do make for putting a car together.

Anyone? Anything?

People holding MBAs, they will get paid. People holding engineering degrees, they will get paid.

Everyone else? I'm sorry, you don't have a right to bitch about it.

And this is coming from someone who has done the rounds of crap jobs to something great, I don't see why we need the UAW to bully around automakers any more than automakers bully their own employees.