It's cold outside. Damn cold. I guarantee it, unless you live in Miami. So what better way to stay warm then some mulled wine? And who would better know how to make it than the Swedes? And what Swedes know better than Volvo?


Technically Volvo made this video for Christmas, but as it hasn't gotten as cold this winter as it is now, I think it's still appropriate.

Actually, the Swedes don't call it "mulled wine," they call it "glögg." I don't know why. They insist on speaking their own language. But I'm sure it's delicious, either way. And in case you actually do live in Miami, here's some footage of an old Volvo hooning through some Swedish snow, just to get you in the glögging mood:

And before any of you whip-sharp commenters out there start making jokes about a Swede who teaches you how to cook, I'll just leave this here:



You're welcome.

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