Let This Video Walk You Through Your First Track Day

When Larry Kosilla isn’t spending his time detailing a Ferrari F40 or some other crazy exotic, you can probably find him pushing the limits of his prepped Porsche 964 at a track day somewhere in the Northeast. In this video he takes the time to cover and explain all of the must-knows for your first time at the track.


Many high-performance driver’s education programs and track organizers do things in slightly different ways, but there are several basic steps to be aware of if you want to prevent yourself from looking like a complete fool in the paddock at your first track day.


In this video, Larry goes over where to find your first track day, how to get the tech inspection for your car, how track insurance works, the best way to set up and monitor tire pressures, and what the different flag signals represent on the course.

And let’s be real, it wouldn’t be an AMMO NYC video if he didn’t show you how to rinse and lather some part of your car. So he does that too.

Check it out.

Photo Credit: AMMO NYC via Youtube

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Now ladies and gentlemen, watch me turn this 993 into a 996! Alakazam!