This Hollywood Voiceover Guy Can Convince You That Desert Racing Rules

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

You're really doing yourself a disservice by forgetting to follow desert racing. It's dramatic, it's dynamic, and it's a lot easier to spectate than you think. The 2015 Mint 400 will tear across the sands of Nevada next month, and here's more evidence that you have to watch it.

If the intense voiceover dude in this trailer can't convince you, check out this awesome one-hour broadcast of last year's event, this highlight reel, and this amazing story about racing a VW Beetle there against trophy trucks!


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Gary Yogurt

Oh MAN what a sight! Husquavarnas, Yamahas, MZs...

Kawasakis! Maicos! Pursangs! Swedish Fireballs! A couple of Triumphs here and there, a CZ, all very, very fast. Very.

What a race it's gonna be...