Let This Gratuitous BMW E30 M3 Rally Footage Remind You How Great It Is

The E30 M3 is pretty much the car equivalent of the Holy Grail. It's something everyone loves, and it's even better seeing it used for motorsports.

In this compilation of E30 M3 rally footage, we see some epic driving, some amazing saves, and some crashes. But we also get to listen to the sweet, sweet unmuffled noise of the S14 engine under the hood and see the M3 doing what it does best: Going quickly.

Sit and be entranced by this. I know I was.

(Hat Tip to @TobyMoody!)

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Dusty Ventures

Day 3: Enemy defenses are still down after our initial New Year's assault. The Rally Takeover is continuing as planned. Our not-so-covert agent "Raoul" may have succeeded in turning the one they call Okulski to our side.